A Guide to the Use of Industrial Greasers

There are so many people and technicians who have questions when it comes to the loading and usage process of grease guns. But overtime, the device will tend to give issues which mostly include the formation of air pockets in its grease. This then hinder the flow of grease on the device. But, there are different things which could be done in order to have these problems solved. You should be aware that the article below are only some of the basic things that you could do, but calling the service of the right professionals is greatly advised for fix lincoln greaser safety and assurance.

Irrespective of whether you are into the use of the pneumatic, manual or battery powered guns, you should make sure that you are loading it in the proper way. Mostly, manual grease guns could be loaded through the use of replacement cartridges.

You should start by removing its head from its barrel and then to push it to the side for locking it. The next is to remove the caps which are provided in both of the sides of the cartridge and then to insert the primed up cartridge to the gun's barrel. After that, you should reattach again the head of the gun and the barrel unit, but you should make sure that the device will be closed moderately. You will then need to disengage the plunger rod and then to push it back to its assembly. The grease gun will then be ready for use. However, after several strokes and that the grease doesn't flow out, you should unscrew the head assembly after several turns in order to remove the trapped air bubbles.

There are also other common grease gun issues and various ways of fixing and troubleshoot lincoln greaser.

One of it would be where the handle of the gun rises when the gun is not used. The dirt in this case could be trapped inside its seal and its inlet ball. This is why you should clean its inlet ball to solve such problem.

Another problem would be where the handle doesn't rise when this is needed. This problem would be where the grease being used is too heavy for the device that you are using.

There is also the problem to where the follower plate is jammed. In this case, it would be due to dented pail or because of air leaks. You should try to check on the bottom of the tube assembly and then to replace the ring and to try filing the edges smooth and round.

These are just some of the common or basic issues which some industrial greasers face and along with it are basic troubleshooting procedures. But, you should consider calling the professionals to get assurance that any problem will be fixed and will be prevented in order to ensure a much longer life span for your grease gun.